Hey, my name is Rose Ruane and this is my blog – Online With Rose

Late in 2022, I started to explore ways in which I could create passive income, perhaps it was intuition because within three months I got notice that I would be being made redundant from my corporate IT job.

I had come across Dean Holland and Internet Profits on facebook, he introduced me to Affiliate Marketing,

I had never heard of it before and it fell right into the online income arena.

I really liked his style, his mission and his endless energy to share what he had learnt in order that others like me and possibly you could benefit.

I signed up, went full in, did the training became a certified partner, signed up for the Accelerator Program and got underway.

It’s been an interesting journey so far, I got stuck, distracted and ultimately went looking for other online business opportunities.

I even signed up for them, went on their courses, kicked off their programs, how does that saying go, I had become a “slave of many and master of none”.

Dean had warned us against such actions, I guess I was looking for something that was a little more prescriptive.

Every time coming back to Deans model and his unique and genuine desire to help folk generate their own successful business.

I have now signed up with Dean’s Affiliate System and really enjoying the coaching and direction that Dean and his team are providing.

So, why am I doing this ?

I was successful in Corporate IT, I loved my job, I was happily married, had a retirement plan, my life was pretty sweet and well planned out.

Then in late 2012, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, in early 2013 my Dad passed away, in mid 2014 my husbands brother passed away, 2015 my Mum passed away and in 2017 my husband of 30 years passed away.

It took me a long time, a lot of work on myself and plenty of therapy to find my purpose, to reestablish my why and to reinvent the person I have now become.

I became a Certified Business and Life Coach and used those skills to help transform many within my workplace.

I am in my early 60’s and am curating a life of multiple income streams, mostly passive and Affiliate Marketing is key to this endeavour.

I want to work, I want something to do that gives me purpose and an income.

I want the financial freedom, the space and the time to give to others. I want to share my stories, lighten the load for others who may have gone thru similar circumstances to me. I want to share my experiences as I build my online businesses.

So I will share my journey as I venture into this business, it’s new, exciting and scary all at once!!

I will share all of my ups and downs, warts and all. How I am learning the new terms, the tech and the nuances of running an online business.

I have learned that failure is really opportunities to learn and that success is a state of mind, that can be claimed along the way and everyday. That performing that one activity that I committed to, is success in and of itself. So I want to share these learnings and successes.

I hope that you can learn from my journey and that it can make yours a smoother experience.

Swing by and visit often as I will be sharing my story and providing updates weekly at a minimum.

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