#4 – Reuse & leverage is my friend

I have always been a person who prefers to see examples, to follow in someone else’s footsteps so to speak, until I gain sufficient knowledge and expertise to go it alone, all be it more tethered to begin with.  So it comes as no surprise that I am blown away by the way in which Dean mentors, he comes in under the “show and tell” category. I love it as it gives me a starting point. What I also love is that this community in which we belong as partners at Internet Profits is rich with plenty of folk willing to share and provide their expertise.

I am completely new to Affiliate Marketing, I did not even know what it was a year ago, and given I haven’t really put much energy into it over the last year, means I am only really getting into it now.

I am in the middle of completing week 5 of the training course and would normally have completed it before posting. It’s a lot of work AND it feels like it’s getting real, that is to say I am about to setup something that will generate interest and then I will need to respond and keep a much closer eye on things than I am presently. Feels scary !!!

On top of that I am busy researching, rerunning tutorials and lives from Deans team. Glenn Shepherd ran a particularly insightful live about blogging and tagging. My take away from that was to get out into the wider community and get engaged in other forums, blogs etc, Also, when I comment on any blog that it should be a continuation of the topic, add value, be interesting in and of itself and not just an acknowledgement or confirmation.

So it seems to have suddenly got a bit busier, or is that simply a state of mind. I am excited one minute and overwhelmed the next. It’s a bit of a roller coaster to be fair.

So I sat back and returned to my why and it turns out my why is not about making truckloads of money, it’s about having an income that frees up time. Time for me to volunteer more, donate more of my expertise, coach more and support my extended family and friends.

I also thought about why I am getting overwhelmed and realised I was trying to achieve or master too many things at once. So when Dean offered for us to get a copy of his funnel, I jumped at the opportunity, I could not have a pretty sound platform for which I can edit and personalise, without having to build from scratch. This means I will learn in baby steps, much more palatable and making progress.

So thanks to Dean Holland and his team, I look forward to heading into that copied funnel and making a few tweaks here and there, personalising it, adding my bits and bobs and not having to do it from scratch. Oh, there are a ton of templates, but they also need tweaking and I couldn’t find one I felt I could tweak without more basic training so to speak. So here I go, onward and upward.

My achievements this week:

  1. Celebrating how much I love to reuse & leverage √
  2. Getting part way through the training, still have some homework to complete √
  3. Revisiting my why √
  4. Getting this blog out √

My learnings since my last blog:

  1. Reuse and leveraging is my sweet spot, leans into how I learn
  2. Take the time I need, progress is progress no matter the size or measure

Thanks for reading .. chat soon !!!

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  1. CJ


    All of us feel like we are on a roller-coaster between being overwhelmed and moving forward. You are correct, when you mentioned falling back on your “why”. In the downtimes it is especially critical to have a “why” that propels us forward and keeps us on track.

    I have found when I get overwhelmed, I need to stop count my blessings and celebrate all the small wins. Doing this helps change how I see things. Couple this with my ‘way’ and I can concur anything.

    Stay positive and keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will reach your goals and dreams.

  2. Denny Medeiros

    Good for you Rose, you’re doing well! Any progress is still progress!
    Keep moving forward at your pace and you will grow and accomplish success!
    All the best and look forward to seeing you succeed 🙂


  3. Tom Bledzki

    Fabulous post Rose, because I can relate to that. I had these rollercoaster emotions too.
    Now when I finish it I feel proud, that I have done it. I need to practice it more to be able to tap into different niches in the future, but building a sales funnel is a fundamental skill for an affiliate marketer.
    Looking forward to your next post. Tom

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