#3 – I got a bit stuck

Hi everyone,

Wow, I have finished 4 weeks of the course that Dean is running, teaching us to master the Affiliate System he has launched. These first four weeks have focused on getting our asset (our website, domain and email) set up and how to post a blog, getting some content online etc. The lessons and tutorials are fantastic, easy to follow and providing I paid attention and followed the instructions all went well. This Affiliate System is amazing.

I have to say though, that I had to redo a few things once or twice, ended up down a rabbit hole here and there and getting a spot overwhelmed. Then I remembering where the gold is, and that’s:

  • Leaning into everything available through Dean’s Internet Profits platform for which I am a partner
  • Running back thru the lessons and the subsequent tutorials
  • Watching the Q & A sessions
  • Recognising that I am not alone
  • Participating in the Ask Us Anything sessions
  • Reaching out to the community asking questions, and loving all the positive support, guidance and reassurance from our community

We are all at differing places in our journey and yet there is plenty of support, I keep reminding myself, its not a race, I have my own pace and path.

I am even late with this post because I thought I needed to have progressed further and I got caught up with returning to my consulting job Monday through Wednesday after the holidays.

Where I came a bit unstuck was wanting to give my website a bit of attention, getting menus up and running and a couple of links in place, adding terms, tags, images etc etc. What I have realised is that I am not taking advantage of all the material that is available to me in the partners area of Internet Profits.

So I am off to work thru some of those tutorials and if by the end of today I still have blockages, I will fire a question out to the Ask Us Anything forum.

I also got a bit stressed about the new email addresses we set up and how I could access those emails thru my regular email platform, it seems I am a bit ahead of the course and will wait and see what the coming weeks provide.

It also became glaringly apparent that I needed to work out what a regular Affiliate Marketing work day should look like for me, here’s my list of activities::

  • Complete some training
  • Review Facebook posts within the group and participate – ask, learn and support
  • Review and be active with other Affiliate Marketing blogs
  • Review and respond to comments on my blogs
  • Write about my progress – ultimately contributing to my weekly blog

This feels like a couple of hours a day, somedays a bit less and some a bit more. I have a consulting gig Monday through Wednesday’s, as I mentioned earlier, so I have lightened my Affiliate Marketing tasks those three days and focus on the remainder of the week to get through the more time consuming and/or deep thinking tasks.

Plus I am in New Zealand, the other side of the planet from where Dean and his team host their live events, they are mostly asleep when I am awake. This is cool when I post a question in the middle of my day as I usually have a response when I wake up the next day, it feels like a super fast turn around. It also means I very rarely attend anything live. Although I about to pop over to the USA for a couple of weeks for a family event (last week in January), perhaps I will pop onto a live event from there.

My achievements this week:

  1. Getting through the training √
  2. Recognising I am not alone √
  3. Being okay with not knowing and trusting the process √
  4. Getting this blog out √
  5. Pulling together what my typical Affiliate Marketing business day comprises √

My learnings since my last blog:

  1. It’s ok not knowing everything, it’s a journey
  2. I needed some structure, I have now have a set of activities I do daily
  3. Be ok to share the good, the bad and the ugly –  that’s how we learn

Thanks for reading .. chat soon !!!


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  1. Alan Lim

    You made a good point about being ok with not knowing everything.

    A lot of people made the mistake of worrying about Step 15 when they haven’t even completed Step 1, 2 and 3. I made the same mistake in the past as well, and still have the tendency to do so today.

    So I think this really serves as a good reminder.

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Alan, I really appreciate that reinforcement .. we are often our own worst enemy .. learning to ask might just be our most powerful tool in our toolset … thanks again.
      cheers Rose

  2. Atif Perwiz

    Rose, great blog with a great summary of what you’ve been up to. I like how you’re managing your time along the week with an emphasis on different things. I’m lucky that I’m in the UK, which is the same time zone as Dean so I don’t have to stay up late or get up early for the zoom calls. It’s great that you listed your achievements and I particularly like the fact that you’re thinking about what ‘my day look like as an affiliate marketer’. I look forward to your next blog and I hope you have a great week. . Atif

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks very much Atif, I really appreciate your insight and feedback.

  3. Nakina Lawson

    I love how you’ve given us a summary of your week, Rose. I can relate to how work can prevent you from working as much as you’d like on your online business. I only have a few hours in the morning available, and I can share that I don’t think I will get all my homework for Affiliate System completed this week.

    But that has to be okay. It truly is all right to go at our own pace in our businesses. The main goal is to repeat! I like that phrase, so I’ll repeat it 🙂 Work today, then repeat as planned! LOL!

    Best of luck to you in your progress this week!

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Nakina, I really appreciate your feedback, having other folk with similarities is reassuring and comforting all at once.

  4. Steve Moore

    Great post Rose thanks for sharing. Yes I free with you, following the process as it were is the way to go. How other people are doing is not our business. Go at your pace, trust your mentor’s advice (they have walked the path) and and believe in yourself,
    Hope you have a great week and I look forward to watching your progress

    1. onlinewithrose

      Thanks Steve, I am really encouraged by the support in the community and appreciate your feedback.
      cheers Rose

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