#2 – Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

I promised to blog weekly, then the holidays hit … so here I am almost three weeks later and only just doing my second blog.

It’s ok, I told myself, to take a break, although I will call that out next time.

I have just finished week 3 of the 6 week coaching with Dean and I have to say the coaching and tutorials are excellent.

I live in New Zealand literally on the other side of the world from Dean, I used to beat myself up for not getting up at 3am to join the calls live, but getting up to do that was brutal for me the next day. So, I have given myself permission to run through the recordings, and it’s OK. I love the freedom to choose. The bonus is, that I often pause and replay, write notes and follow what Dean is doing,

I also get a lot out of running through the Q & A recordings.

It easy to get lost amongst all this, venture off and view utubes on “how to’s” etc and I have concluded, that following the process as set out by Dean is proving to be the best plan. I am less stressed, not overwhelmed and even though I sometimes have to redo things, I get there in the end.

What I loved about week three most was building a fan club, me just being me, telling my story and knowing that there are folk like you that resonate and will feel empowered to keep reading and perhaps dive into such an adventure.

What excites me about this, is the things I am learning, the folk I am meeting, the support I am getting and the beginning of an online business that will provide so much freedom for me going forward.

I revisted my WHY, which at a high level is to build an online business that provides me the time and financial freedom to help others whether that be to do the same or to adopt some of the habits I have adopted to provide a more fulfilling and balanced life.

My achievements this week:

  1. Getting through the training √
  2. Revising my WHY √
  3. Giving myself permission to run at a pace that suits me √
  4. Getting this blog out √

My learnings since my last blog:

  1. Its ok to run at a pace that suits me, it’s not a competition.
  2. 2024 is so full of opportunity, it’s up too me and only me to lean in.
  3. Nurture my readers –  that’s you, as I continue to share my journey.

Thanks for reading .. chat soon !!!

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  1. tony simms

    Happy New Year to you too.

    Your point about pacing yourself and not rushing through your learning journey in building an online business really resonated with me. It’s a great reminder that it’s not a race, and nurturing one’s self and one’s audience is key. The way you’ve embraced the coaching and training, even with the time zone challenges, shows remarkable dedication and adaptability. I’m taking to heart your lesson about running at a pace that suits me. Keep up the great work, and I’m eagerly looking forward to your next update!

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Tony, isn’t it great how we inspire each other, this community is gold. Cheers Rose

  2. Alan Lim

    One mistake I made in the past is being impatient and trying to rush thing.

    So I really like what you say about giving yourself the permission to run at your own pace.

    This serves as a great reminder for me.

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Alan, This journey for me and where I am in my life, is all about being in flow, thanks you for your feedback. cheers Rose

  3. Denny Medeiros

    Hi Rose,

    Wow, you come across even more excited than your first post!! It great that you have establish yourself and timing to learn without burning yourself out. Going at a pace the suits you is important. Having training in the middle of the night because your location is challenging but good choice to get rest and use the recordings! All the best and look forward to your progress!

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Denny, I am excited, I am energised and confident about all that i am doing right now. I practice mindfulness, I meditate, this journey is so much about being in flow for me. cheers Rose

  4. Tom Bledzki

    Rose, I am in your fan club already 🙂
    I found that recordings are great as I can listen to them at 1.5x speed (it is strange to join a live call when Dean seems to be a bit slow 🙂 to what I used to.
    Great learnings and great achievements.
    Keep it up by posting about your progress!

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Tom, I really love how liberating running thru recordings are, I get to pause, rerun and speed up, its fabulous.

      Cheers Rose

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