#1 – Welcome and here we go

Welcome to my first Blog,

Thanks for taking a moment to come with me as I journey on my online business adventure.

Its taken me a bit of time and patience to get to this point, I kicked off at the beginning of this year and life got in the way. I was looking to build online businesses to create passive income, give me some financial freedom and allow me a more balanced life.

Well it sure got balanced !!!!

Redundancy in March, after 10 years with a company I thought I would be retiring from, that sure put the cat amongst the pigeons, so to speak.

I am now working 3 days a week on a consulting gig, freeing up my other 2 days to work on my online businesses plus a bit of coaching, leaving my weekend to support my own personal activities.

So I feel quite balanced !!!!

If you got a chance to read My Story, you will have some context as to how I got to where I am today, getting underway with Dean Holland’s Affiliate System, a platform designed to support all that I believe I need right now, to get my online Affiliate marketing business up and running.

His 6 week coaching program is superb, I have to say, I did have to run thru some of the tutorials more than once, they are great though, simple to follow and I even found myself creating my website, only to delete it and start again three times. I did get consumed with what theme I wanted, what legal pages I needed etc and then realised simple should be my rule. So I stopped going down self invented rabbit holes and have pulled back and kept it simple.

My 3 big achievements so far:

  1. website created √
  2. My Story written and published √
  3. this first blog about to be published √

My 3 big learnings from being two weeks in:

  1. keep it simple and trust the process, don’t overcomplicate anything and run thru modules and tutorials again if needed.
  2. it’s not a competition, the only thing I need to measure is my progress from yesterday, just one step ahead is progress.
  3. lean into the community of like minded folk, those also travelling this journey, reach out, be vulnerable and know that what ever question you are brave enough to ask, there will be a bunch of folk out there thanking you for it and another bunch ready to provide support and advice.

Thanks for reading .. chat soon !!!

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  1. tony simms

    Rose, your first blog post is a breath of fresh air!

    I love how you turned redundancy into an opportunity!

    Your embracing the challenge of building online businesses, and balancing work with personal growth is incredibly motivating.

    Your advice on keeping things simple, trusting the process, and valuing community support are golden.

    It’s a great reminder that progress is personal, and every small step counts.

    Also, kudos on your website creation – it’s no small feat!

    Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes you. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Tony, I really appreciate your feedback and comment. I am learning how to practice being in a constant state of flow, trusting my instincts and allowing myself to learn in the most effective way. cheers Rose

  2. Alan Lim

    Hi Rose,

    Congratulations for launching your blog, despite the numerous challenges you have to overcome.

    You’re so right that it’s not a competition. It is about focusing on your own progress.

    Hope you will have lots of progress and success in 2024.

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Alan, i really appreciate your comments and recognising my focus and approach. Cheers Rose

  3. Denny Medeiros

    Hi Rose,

    It’s so awesome you are up and running in your business, and although you had setbacks, you overcame and learned some important lessons! the 3 you listed are amazing, keep it simple, it’s not a competition and lean on the community. super! look forward to your future posts and success!

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Denny, I really appreciate your feedback and comments.. cheers Rose

  4. CJ


    Take time to celebrate the wins. The three achievements you accomplished is nothing to just gloss over. Take time to celebrate even the tiniest of wins. Buy celebrating the wins it boosts your mind into realizing you can succeed and allows for bigger goal setting.

    In addition, The 3 things you learned are very important lessons. These will help you on your journey. The good thing is you learned them at the beginning and not further down the road.

    Last, I am proud of you for putting up your first blog post. It takes courage to to share your life with others online and put yourself out there. Take a few minutes and celebrate this win as well.


    1. Rose Ruane

      Wow CJ, this is really lovely, thanks for your warm comments and advice. and yes, I am celebrating .. cheers Rose

  5. Tom Bledzki

    Great start with your blog, Rose.
    Every challenge creates opportunity. Balance must be kept. Now you have more time to focus on your online endeavour and surrounded yourself with a fabulous community and a great coach.
    Looks like you learned a lot in a short period. Trust the process and results will follow.
    All the best.

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Tom, really appreciate your feedback, yes I will continue to trust the process.

  6. Atif Perwiz

    Rose, I got made redundant three times in my career and even though it’s devastating at the time it’s actually the best thing that can happen. You now have motivation and opportunity and the time to do something amazing. And from what you’ve written you are doing something amazing; you achieved some great things so far and it will only get better. I look forward to following your progress and I wish you the best. Thanks, Atif

    1. Rose Ruane

      Thanks Atif, I really appreciate your feedback, yes I feel pretty motivated to curate a life with more flexibility, less BS and plenty of time to help others.

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